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Gorakshasana (Cowherd Pose)

Gorakshasana (Cowherd Pose)

A few yoga asanas and postures work on our body and mental strength, however, a few asanas bring different extra advantages. It assists individuals with acquiring adaptability, having a lively body, and achieving a quiet way of life. Gorakshasana is one such high-level situated adjusting yoga act that goes about as a solution for different mental and actual diseases. It is likewise called Gorakhnath Pose or Cowherd Pose and is the most ideal for contemplation. Gorakshasana implies present for the person who safeguards the cows/cowherd or who is the defender of the earth. Profound importance means it’s a yoga present for the defender of the receptors.

This yoga present was established and widely utilized by Yogi Goraknath for his contemplation. Yogi Gorakhnath was perhaps of the best middle age yogi, and we should be familiar with him if we are sincere yoga understudies. He was the pioneer behind Nath Sampradaya in the tenth Century CE, with Lord Shiva at the center of each Nath precept and guideline. In this way, Gorakshasana has a lively history of over 1000 years. We find nitty gritty depictions of this yoga present in Shiva Samhita (fourteenth Century), Hatha Yoga Pradipika (fifteenth Century), and Gheranda Samhita (seventeenth Century)

At the point when you practice Gorakhnath Pose, the body’s whole weight gets adjusted on the feet. Thus, on the off chance that you have a specific degree of adaptability and strength in your lower legs and feet, rehearsing this asana consistently will work on your stance, teach sitting upstanding, and is great for the spine and lower back. In any case, to begin rehearsing Gorakhnath Pose, you should initially set yourself up through stances like Dandasana, Sukhasana, Baddha Konasana, and Muktasana.

Gorakshasana Steps

  1. Sit on the floor in padmasana.
  2. Stretching the arms forward put them on the floor.
  3. Raise your trunk and lift the hips off the floor.
  4. Keeping the storage compartment extended straight stand with your knees.
  5. Stretch your thighs and step by step lift the hands off the floor individually.
  6. Maintain the equilibrium and respectability of the spine.
  7. Join your hands in petitioning God’s position before your chest.
  8. Stay in the situation as long as you can hold it easily.
  9. Now, put your hands on the floor and carry your hips to the floor.
  10. Release your legs and presently change the leg position.
  11. Repeat it for a similar length.


  • This superb yoga present switches a progression of your Apana, guiding it up precisely to the more noteworthy places for better use in the reflective states.
  • This yoga present additionally makes your feet and legs graceful
  • Gorakshasana is a successful stance that helps you in sitting straight as well as gets utilized for sitting straight. It is in this way truly really great for the stance and back
  • Your legs and lower legs benefit from any tension in the feet and post at the comparable time animate your second chakra. It enacts the sexual energy
  • This fixing undertaking of your back, as well as tension from the base, quiets your absorption cycle and in this technique, Gorakshasana is especially proposed against the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
  • This great yoga present assists you with arousing your kundalini Shakti
  • It can appropriately alleviate urinary problems and heaps issues
  • Furthermore, it additionally conditions your conceptive framework.
  • Gorakshasana can be converged with different Pranayama strategies and thusly make different outcomes
  • You can explore different avenues regarding different sorts of taking in this asana and you will see the way the outcomes change.
  • By rehearsing this gorakshasana present, you can without much of a stretch reestablish the intrinsic essentialness of your body
  • The best and compelling yoga present additionally conquered inactivity and sloth issues
  • This yoga stance can reestablish your psyche as well as body

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